The 411

  • If you need help writing grant proposals, applications and op-eds, in this 8-week course you will craft a polished, complete piece.
  • Each module will have a reading portion and a writing portion. We’ll start with your personal biography and establish why you care about this issue.
  • You'll find your crew on the Discourse community who are also passionate about similar issues.
  • Featured writers include Sarah Mirk of Bitch Media, Alexandrina Agloro of the University of Southern California and more.

Badges Available for Writing For Change

You can apply for the following badges in the course, with feedback from Adam Bush of College Unbound.

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College Unbound 's goal is to support adult learners as college students in a project-based program that is relevant to their lives. Marginalized and underserved student populations earn an accredited degree via civic engagement projects and real-life experience. Students--among them previously incarcerated, single-moms and other marginalized peoples--earn an accredited degree via civic engagement projects and real-life experience.

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