Check-In (10 minutes)

Intros (5 mins)

Introduce yourselves and share something that you learned recently—it can be anything!

Group Expectations (5 mins)

  • Below are P2PU’s recommended group expectations for a new learning circle:
  • Respect the speaker: When a person is sharing, allow them to share their complete thoughts without interruption. Listen actively and push past distractions from digital devices and your environment when possible.
  • Speak from “I” and eye: Share from your own experience and perspective. Don’t assume the experiences of others and avoid making comments or generalizations about entire communities. Keep your shares focused on what you see, what you notice, and what you feel.
  • Lean into discomfort: Some topics may be uncomfortable to talk about because of personal experiences or oppressions felt in your everyday life. The emotions and feelings that may arise are normal and can help enhance authentic learning together if shared. Participants are asked to lean into their own discomfort and honor the space for others to do the same.
  • Step up, step back: A learning circle is most effective when all voices can be heard. If you find yourself speaking often, step back and create space for others to share their ideas. If you’re someone who prefers to listen, push yourself to speak out and share at least once per meeting.
  • Keep it confidential: What happens in the learning circle stays in the learning circle. Respect the privacy of your fellow participants and don’t share others’ stories without consent.

As a group, note anything that you’d like to add or remove for the list. How do you want to address any conflicts that arise in light of these expectations? (You can return to this list throughout the learning circle).

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