Welcome to Writing for Change

Hello change-maker. Welcome to our little community of social agents on the web. Here you'll find the following information:

Design Team Intros

We’re the folks supporting this course and a super-friendly crew. You’ll see us in your inbox and in the forums.


Adam: Adam’s with an outfit called College Unbound, and helps working and non-traditional students get their degrees. He’s also a jazz nut, has traveled the country by bus, and really wants a Portuguese water dog.


Vanessa: Vanessa is with Peer 2 Peer University, where she builds learning communities on the web. She’s left-handed, draws comics and studies motivation and engagement.

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Dirk: Dirk’s also with P2PU, where he works with code, people and words. A seasoned surfer, Dirk is currently traveling around South America.

As non-profit folks, we are consistently writing applications, proposals and finding new funding opportunities. Also, all of the students at College Unbound pitch their own proposals for their personal projects. So this course will share our process as social change-makers, and tap the successful methods College Unbound uses.

Discourse: What Is It, How To Use It, Geez Another Login?

Discourse is online forum where our conversations and feedback will take place (so bookmark that link!). We have our own little corner--a category called Writing For Change. If you pop over there you’ll see a few posts about how to get started.

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Next Steps:

Katie heads up disaster relief for the Episcopal Church...


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And Beth studies how Mexico prepares for disasters...

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What an awesome crew--and some stellar GIFs. 

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Invite Your Friends

In our experience, you’re way more likely to stay engaged in a course if you bring a few friends along for the ride. If you know anyone who needs help writing proposals, applications or op-eds, please send them this way.

We made the landing page even more slick today--check it out! http://writing4change.p2pu.org/

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Be well, and we'll send directions for the first assignment on Friday! Don't forget your next steps:

If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to post them in Discourse--if you write "@dirk" "@vanessa" or "@adam" we'll be notified :)

‚Äč- Adam, Vanessa and Dirk