Reflection (5 minutes)

Plus/Delta – What went well today? What do you want to change for the next meeting? Use the facilitator guide to take notes of any suggestions you want to save.

Before the Next Meeting

Next week, you’ll select an artifact for the kind of social change that you want to write about. Your artifact could be:

  • a manifesto
  • a policy initative
  • an opinion/editorial (op-ed)
  • a non-profit organization
  • an event
  • a product
  • a crowdfunding campaign
  • a combination of the above!

To prepare, read the essays from the list below before next week’s session. We asked a variety of artists, designers, organizers, educators how they have enacted social change - they contributed essays specifically for this course, so we are very thankful!

Independent Reading

Independent Assignment Next, do some research into the issue that you care about. Free-write a few sentences answering the following questions to share next week:

  • What am I interested in writing that could begin to move the needle on the social issue that I care about?
  • Who has already started to answer, engage with, and solve this question? In your own community? In other areas?
  • What are possible sources—in-person experts to talk with, and print and other media resources—to help my exploration of what has worked and what hasn’t?

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