Activity (25 mins)

What Will Your Artifact or Intervention Be?

Now that you’ve read several stories of “how”, it’s time to spell out what your artifact will be!

  • a manifesto
  • a policy initiative
  • an opinion/editorial (op-ed)
  • a non-profit organization
  • an event
  • a product
  • a crowdfunding campaign
  • a combination of the above!

Take five minutes to free-write your answers to the following questions:

  • Based on the essays that you’ve read, which type of artifact seems like the best fit for the kind of social change you want to write about?
  • What most excites you about the possibility?
  • What about this artifact feels intimidating or scary? What type of research do you need to do to move forward?

Take 20 minutes to discuss your thoughts and share suggestions as a group. Save notes from your discussion in the facilitator guide.

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