Reflection (5 minutes)

Plus/Delta – What went well today? What do you want to change for the next meeting?

Use the facilitator guide to take notes of any suggestions you want to save.

Before the Next Meeting

Independent Assignment

It’s time to start on the first draft of your artifact! This can be a super rough collection of your ideas - often, we don’t really know what we’re writing about until we complete the first draft. In this draft, you should include:

  • A few sentences describing your artifact and how you decided on that intervention
  • A list of research links / articles (3-4) and the evidence that supports your intervention
  • The names and backgrounds of a few experts who you will reach out and talk to

We’ll share our first draft with the group next week!

Independent Reading Now that we’re digging into the work of creating an artifact, let’s learn more about the Critical Response Process and how it can help us give better feedback. We’ll use some of these methods to talk about our writing next week.

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